Cabo de Roca and Belem

One of the tricky parts about traveling with a baby is that your day is broken up into Before First Nap, Post First Nap and After Second nap (sometimes even After Third Nap!). Forget AMs and PMs - we had a whole other time system to maintain, which would sometimes present a fairly complex scheduling problem. We had to sync long bus or train rides with nap times so that we don't waste precious daytime sitting somewhere and waiting for Babes to finish her nap (been there, done that, would not recommend)

Cabo de Roca is the Westernmost point of Europe, once believed to be the edge of the world. It has beautiful oceanside cliffs, a lighthouse and some seriously epic views. It is also about 30 minutes past Sintra - the place we spent so long traveling to and from just the day before. The thought of doing the same trip again and trying to get as lucky with trains and sleep schedules was daunting, but we decided to go for it since it was our last day in the area.

It did not disappoint!

There's not a whole lot to do in Cabo de Roca other than checking out the lighthouse and the cliffs, so we only spent about 30 minutes there.

From here, we headed back to Lisbon and beelined straight to Pasties de Belem to offer our services in Pastry Quality Assurance. After paying our dues standing in line (no baby fast pass here!), we finally got to experience the fuss. This place had 13,992 reviews on Google Maps! You could definitely tell the difference between the pastries here and any of the other locations we've tried. These were THAT MUCH MORE delicious!

Since we were already in the area and Babes had a few more daylight hours left in her, we went inside the Church of Santa Maria de Belem.

And then spent the rest of the day relaxing by the Tower of Belem and enjoying our pasties.

I think she got upset that we ate all the pasties and all she got was a banana.