It is strong in time, and it is gently to time tough at time.

This day was mostly a write off, since Babes was still recovering from the flight. The fever subsided pretty quickly the night before, but she was still pretty exhausted and we decided to take it easy.
After sleeping all night and all day, Babes was finally ready to start her day at 10pm Tokyo time. We decided to use this opportunity to explore night time Tokyo and have the BEST (and most expensive) UNAGI DON ever.

Babes impressed us again with how good she was at the restaurant, smiling at all the locals and peacefully munching on her Sophie.
The eel was indeed out of this world. It was a little restaurant that specializes in eel, and served everything eel; eel soup, eel bones, eel kabobs, and eel on rice. It was quite impossible to read the menu, even with Google Translator, so I was glad Danny took a photo ahead of time to show the waiter what we wanted.

All translations everywhere were actually quite poor. We found this gem later in our journey, which still had me laughing for days after:

After dinner we explored a bit of night time Tokyo. It was quite an experience to witness falling-over-hammered-Japanese people by night, after seeing how quiet and proper they are during the day. I only saw this behaviour in Tokyo, though we didn't go out past 7pm anywhere other than Tokyo.

Next up: Shinjuku (which is still Tokyo)