Inari & Kiyomizudera

Kiyomizudera was a bit of a letdown given that it went under construction two days before we arrived

But we still really enjoyed walking around the temple area and seeing the beautiful cobble-stone streets and fancy tiny houses. I think the construction scared away most of the tourists, because all photos I've seen of this place usually involved people packed like sardines down all the streets.

Babes was being really great again, and even flashing some smiles. This smile also made it to at least 4 other tourists' cameras as they not-so-sneakily switched from photographing the temple to photographing her.

Inari however, was not under construction, and so we found our tourist sardines here. 

"With great views come great tourists" - Dalya, June 2014

But we did manage to get some touristless shots after waiting in line for a while and getting a quick 1/2 second chance at a shot. Babes was also not having any of it, so my anxiety levels were quickly rising and I wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. It's almost as though she had a temple sensor - the moment we approached anything sacred she would just start wailing and ignoring all the "please be quiet" signs.

Babes passed out the moment we got home so dinner had to be takeout, and I'm not even sorry.

Next up: Kumano Kodo