Since our days started at 5am, we had lots of morning time for exploring. We decided to check out the busiest intersection in the world - Shibuya Crossing

At apparently the least busy time ever.

One Starbucks latte later, we were on our way to our next destination, Hiroshima.

We ended up boarding the local train at peak rush hour - 0/10, would not recommend - and got on the first Shinkansen (bullet train) to Hiroshima we found - the Nazomi - also 0/10 would not recommend since it was the wrong train. I read and re-read all the rules of the JR pass and memorized the two lines we are not allowed to take. So naturally, the first bullet train we took was one of those lines. We ended up getting kicked out (gently) by the ticket officer who told us to just get off at the next station and transfer to the permitted line, and got away without any extra charges.

We made it to our place in Hiroshima, Babes had a quick nap, and then we hopped on a train to catch the sunset at Miyajima.

As our CFO (Chief Food Officer), Danny insisted on making a quick pit stop to grab an unagi don for the road, as freshwater eel is a specialty of this region

After a 10min scenic ferry to the island (yes, we decided to introduce our baby to every possible method of transportation in one trip), we got to see this beautiful view:

Accompanied by some deer

Next up: Hiroshima