Shinjuku Goyen

Babes was finally back to her normal self, so with the first ray of light at 5am we started our day.

We went back to the Imperial Palace area, in hopes of actually seeing the Imperial Palace. Turned out it only opens at 9, so we took some more photos of the Sakura instead

We then made our way to Shinjuku Goyen, the supposed number 1 place for Hanami in Tokyo, though I'm pretty sure every local was more in awe of Babes than the Sakura. We kept getting “KAWAII!!! KAWAII!!” thrown our way from every direction, which in Japanes means “cute”.

After waiting IN LINE for a spot to take a shot next to a Sakura tree, we entertained the crowds by lifting Babes up and getting a huge wide-mouthed smile out of her with every lift. Pretty sure we weren't the only people taking photos of her. One lady even had the nerve to ask to HOLD MY BABY for a photo with her. That was a big fat NO on my end.

We got back to our Airbnb around 2pm, at which point Babes passed out.. for the night. I didn't have the heart to wake her up, and so we settled for a 9hr nap as well.

Once again, we got the opportunity to explore night time Tokyo once Babes was up for the day at 11pm.

Next up: Miyajima