This was another highlight for me, and a nice break from the Kyoto station madness. As usual, we were the first tourists on the first train to Arashiyama. We headed straight to the bamboo forest, where we spent a good 40 mins trying to get the perfect shot with Babes, and probably photobombing both of the wedding shoots that were going on.

Pretty sure the only thing that forced us to eventually leave was Babes getting hungry and needing a feed. It was a nice change from the bitter Canadian winter to be able to just feed outside without needing to find a warm coffee shop.

We visited the monkey forest which was at the top of one of the hills, requiring 20min of uphill climbing to reach. The degree of incline was inversely proportional to the amount of tourist, which worked out in our favour.

This was the “boss” monkey, with his two girlfriends on the left

There was also a really nice view of Kyoto from the top of the monkey forest

Before heading back, we stopped at a tofu restaurant (yes, on purpose, by choice) where they served all different kinds of tofu; white, green, boiled, cold, tofu skin, etc. We dined like (vegetarian) kings.