Italy - Rome

This is by far my favorite city in all of Europe. Except for the mandatory 2394857298792345981 tourists. The nice thing about travelling South-East Asia was the fact that it was still possible to find tourist-less areas to see. Southern Europe in the summer? Not so much.

Our first destination in Rome, was, of course, the Colosseum. We set off early in the morning with high hopes and expectations that we wouldn't have to wait in line for too long. Turned out all 2394857298792345981 tourists also had the same hopes and expectations,

 so we decided that seeing the Colosseum from all outside angles was more than enough

We came back to the Colosseum at night to see it lit up. I waited for this guy to leave for a solid 30 minutes before giving up and taking an un-consented photo of him. Sue me.

It's pretty hard to be original with the itinerary when visiting a place like Rome