Koh Phi Phi and The Beach

From Phuket we took a ferry to the famous Koh Phi Phi.
There are plenty of services that run ferries from Phuket <--> Koh Phi Phi <--> Krabi and conveniently sell open tickets for any time, any day. Going through an agent for this is useless - the public transport is perfectly fine and probably the cheapest option of them all. 

Koh Phi Phi is a small pedestrian-only island, so everything is very close together. Expect for the hostel that we booked, which was at the top of the hill, 23452349879 km away from the port where we arrived. 

Following a friend's recommendation we booked a fluorescent plankton tour. There was a choice between a sunset tour that would bring you back the same day, or a sleep aboard tour, where you sleep on the boat and return to the island after breakfast onboard the next morning. Considering our relationship with boats in the past month has been subpar at best, we decided to just book the sunset tour. The tour included a boat ride to Maya Bay, where the movie The Beach was filmed (with Leo Dicaprio), dinner, snacks, snorkelling, kayaks, and finally swimming with fluorescent plankton when the sun goes down.

Pirates' Cave on the way to Maya Bay

Small passage through the limestone rocks to get to Maya Bay. Great snorkelling location!

Two Canadians in Thailand.

The tour was pretty great, until of course, we had to perform an emergency evacuation and run to a shelter on the island to hide from the surprise hurricane. Our "sunset boat tour" quickly turned into the overnight live-aboard tour and since we were the only two people on this trip that were signed up for the sunset tour, we were forced to stay overnight with the rest of the group. I guess based on our visible discontent about having to sleep on a boat, we got assigned a personal caregiver who gave us clothes to change into, extra food, extra drinks and came around to us every few minutes to make sure we were ok. The surprise hurricane conveniently ended by night time, and we were free to go back into the water in the dark and swim with the fluorescent plankton, which we wouldn't have been able to see as well had we only done the sunset tour. It was an incredible experience!

We all slept on mattresses on the boat (which wasn't half bad actually), and the next morning after breakfast and a short snorkelling session we headed back to the main island. All in all it turned out to be a fantastic trip and probably one of my highlights from Thailand. Too bad we booked that really nice hostel 45234958798km away which we never got to use.