Welcome to Bangkok, where the prices are made up and the meter doesn't matter.

Getting through the Thailand border is a pretty complicated process and takes almost full day. There are lots of scam artists on either side of the border trying to convince tourists they need to get a special overpriced visa or try to sell fake visas and fake bus tickets. Canadians don't need visas, so we were safe from falling for any of the fake visa pranks. It was a long day of bussing, standing in line, walking across the border, and driving some more, but within the first few minutes of setting foot in Thailand, we were downing our first authentic Pad Thai from a street vendor. FOR ONLY 35 BHT (1.20CAD!). It was glorious. From the border we took an 8 hour third-class train all the way to Bangkok. It was hot, uncomfortable and crowded, but it was authentic and we felt like locals. Except for all the stares we got. 

But here we go! One night in Bangkok. What could possibly go wrong..