One night in Bangkok...

Well.. "One Night in Bangkok" turned into "Three Nights in Bangkok Because All Trains Were Booked".  If you're going to Bangkok, really do try to have your ticket out ready in advance.
Also, have a good understanding of the ballpark prices you should be paying tuk-tuks and taxis. I'm sure our first Bangkok taxi driver is still bragging about his amazing deal with us.

Having a full day to explore Bangkok, we set out by foot to see the Grand Palace. And to fall for the biggest, most infamous Bangkok scam. After getting charmed by a very well-spoken Thai man, we got into the scam tuk-tuk ride (for only 40 Baht! Imagine that. ).

We visited the (not so lucky) Lucky Buddha

Stopped at - I prefer not to mention the number of - Tailor Shops and Travel Agencies

And ended up angering the driver enough by not buying into any of the Tailor Shops and Travel Agencies that we were even scared for our lives by the end of the ride, having no idea where the driver was taking us.

Of course, upon finally returning to our hostel, we noticed the huge sign summing up our adventure in a nutshell:

To our relief though, after reading up on this we found out that some people had even BOUGHT SUITS (several even!) and gone on expensive boat rides and more. The creativity of these scams has no limits. From therein, we just felt lucky we had only spent 1.30$ and a few hours of the day. Almost felt like a rite of passage as a tourist in Bangkok, so I guess we made it out better than the average joe.