This was our first country on our South East Asia trip. Considering I've never been anywhere in Asia, I had no idea what to expect. Other than some possible culture shock. And the heat. Dear God, the heat.

We only spent a couple of nights here since we had our next flight (to Cambodia) booked right away, so we had to speed through the top tourist attractions in this tiny county which had a surprising amount to offer. 

One of our highlights from Singapore was the jaw-dropping view of the Marina Bay from the bar Level33. We took our remaining 12.60 Singapore dollars and headed over to see the sights. 

 With some luck, we managed to turn those 12.60$ into two coffees and getting the best seats in the house, out on the balcony

Singapore is a very-night oriented city. Don't get me wrong - it's great during the day, but it wasn't until we saw it light up that we realized how beautiful it was.