7 Australia Withdrawal Symptoms

I got back from my exchange semester in Australia 4 months ago, and I really start to miss it the longer I'm away. Here are some things I've caught myself doing in the past four months of being back in Canada.

  1. Every time I see an open field, I keep looking for dark spots in hopes of seeing a horde of kangaroos. It gets especially bad when I see lots of dark spots and get some false hope, only to find out its just a bunch of deer or geese
  2. No coffee will ever taste as good as Australian coffee. Finding that perfect Flat White anywhere in Canada is just impossible.
  3. When driving alone on a single-lane highway, I will periodically get confused as to which side of the highway I should be driving on.
  4. Every time I meet an Aussie in Canada I get really excited and try to find out why the hell they left Australia in the middle of their summer. 
  5. I get really happy anytime anyone signs an email with "cheers"
  6. When I see an "x things about Australia.." post (like 23 Reasons why Australia is the Most Beautiful Place on Earth and Amazing things that came out of Australia), I have to read through all of it and agree/disagree with how true each fact is, from personal experience
  7. Anytime I hear "Australia" or any Australian city in conversation, I tune in.